UniFi PRO Mortgage is a highly customizable, enterprise-wide lending solution.  It harnesses the power of PROGRESS OpenEdge and its platform independence.  It is used by large, highly sophisticated, multi-branch, multi-channel lenders, and also by smaller credit unions due to its low cost of ownership.

UniFi Configurations
UniFi can be set up in many configurations.  Point-of-sale can be done in person, on the phone, or via the web.

Loan origination users can access UniFi via client/server, or remotely via Citrix/Terminal server.

We have helped our clients implement solutions for consumer-direct internet channels utilizing vendors like Mortgagebot, or their own proprietary web front-end.  Whether through the web, or simply importing a 1003 Application from any point-of-sale system, we can have UniFi consume them and automatically create loan applications.

Fulfillment personnel typically access UniFi via client/server.   If you have a multi-branch bank, or have spread your fulfillment centers throughout the country or world, we have worked with the Citrix/Terminal server configuration, allowing users to access UniFi remotely.

Working with UniFi
Our professionals can help you align UniFi with your current processes by customizing workflows, work queues, screens, and business rules.

We have extensive experience in this area.  UniFi was designed with built in, time-proven business rules.  Its powerful design allows for considerable customizations, from its workflows to its screens, to its many areas that allow your bank's unique rules to be implemented.

UniFi is Well-Connected
Adding a service or process to your business sometimes requires your system to talk to other systems.  We have worked with many UniFi interfaces including:

  •  Credit
  •  Appraisal
  •  Flood
  •  Mortgage Insurance
  •  EarlyCheck
  •  Automated Underwriting
  •  Fraud/Anti-Predatory Verification
  •  MERS
  •  General Ledger
  •  Servicing
  •  Loan Delivery

We have implemented or enhanced these interfaces and others, leveraging UniFi's building and parsing architecture.

Interactive Systems has helped clients with electronic delivery to multiple Servicers - both in fixed length and XML formats, using different protocols depending on the Servicer.

Capital Markets - Risk Management, Pooling and Loan Delivery
We are currently in the last phase of implementing an interface between a correspondent/investor's Loan Origination System and CompassPoint.   The last client for whom we implemented this interface is enjoying stellar returns.  From risk management to pooling to loan delivery, this interface has proved to enhance control of their pipeline and warehouse, and reduce interest rate risk prior to pooling loans and selling them in the Secondary Market, both direct and through partners.  We have helped our clients with Ginnie Mae's current loan delivery format, and now also leverage CompassPoint to deliver to both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the new MISMO 3.0 XML format.

We have helped our clients upgrade from UniFi Pro 3.2 through 5.2, and have installed an endless number of patches and fixes.   Any enhancement or challenge you encounter, there's a good chance our professionals have already successfully implemented it.


LendingSpace is a Loan Origination System from Lending Processing Services.  This system is only customizable by the vendor, so we helped our client modify their internal systems to make the best use of the loan information.

As part of helping our client implement a new line of business, we integrated this system with CompassPoint, a valuation and risk management system, to bid, purchase, value and hedge Mortgage Servicing Rights.  We then added to this integration to implement another new line of business to purchase conforming loans from loan originators and sell them to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.


Empower is a Loan Origination System from Black Knight Financial Services.

LoanSphere Empower was originally written in Delphi.  All customizations were done in a proprietary Delphi-based scripting language.  The application was re-written using .NET technology.   See the .NET Solutions section for more information.

Our document customization services have included mapping database elements to document forms, and writing many scripts to implement business rules, including queries and calculations, into document generation.  We have then packaged these documents into packets for specific loan document delivery.

.NET Solutions

Modern loan origination systems like Encompass, LoanSphere, Empower, and others are based on .NET technologies.  If your LOS of choice is based on .NET, we can help you achieve your goals.  We have expanded our core technology offerings to include C#, .NET, ASP.NET, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, and SQLServer.

Whether you are starting from scratch, enhancing your LOS, or switching to a .NET-based LOS, we can help you through a smooth implementation or transition.

Contact us.  Let us make use of our extensive mortgage industry experience and technical expertise to work for you.

Latest news (cont'd)


USAA selects Interactive Systems to implement valuation and risk management software CompassPoint, to facilitate the pooling and selling of mortgage loans to the GSEs.  Interactive Systems will also implement EarlyCheck from Fannie Mae for loan delivery edits throughout the fulfillment process, and PredProtect software for real-time automated compliance checks.

Interactive Systems will also help USAA enhance their UniFi Pro Loan Origination System.

Ryland Mortgage Company engages Interactive Systems once again, this time to implement Empower documents.

After implementing Empower as their loan origination system, Ryland selected Interactive Systems to map their documents to their database.

Hundreds of documents will be customized to provide Ryland with the best customer experience.

Ryland Mortgage Company selects Interactive Systems to implement Onyx CRM interface to its Loan Origination System.

Having called on Interactive Systems before, Ryland can count on them again to help in their latest endeavor.  Interactive Systems will help Ryland implement an interface between UniFi PRO, their loan origination system, and their Customer Relationship Management system from Onyx.

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